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8 mai 2012 2 08 /05 /mai /2012 02:00


She is 30 years old and I have 60 years and at the same time, they are my age, she is a thin sheet of a girl, you could put in more than 21 years, with their tight jeans and navel pierced. My wife had a couple of hours a week cleaning our house for two days a week. In fact, she is married to an older man and has two children, but the marriage was pear shaped, because he called a waiter to fuck her on vacation. He did, and pulled her alone with the children. A morning came to 10. 0 ninth clock was 00 and when I asked them why too late, because the kids are in school, she said she had to appear at the riding school, where his daughter has classes riding. then just let go, I guess it was a quick fuck the girl who works there and told me before coming to be believed. She blushed and admitted she had. bigdicks I told her she was a whore and I hoped that she had a condom. She said that having fun, bigdicks and I said ' shitBitch, you have come here to clean my house perfect pussy with his sperm. 'She said' Yes ' With that I grabbed her hand pushed her into a bedroom and threw one of our leisure their backs in bed. They do not listen when I opened his pants and put on his socks rvealing a very small thong with wet crotch. said, 'do what' I said ' I ' m'll clean' with the thong and I looked her pussy was so wet. I took the belt and said ' what the hell has to be cleaned ' You asked me what I use, and I said just my tongue. This I buried my face in her wet pussy, open and surprisingly large for a girl was so thin. I mean to stick out his tongue in her pussy and licked her juices lovelt salt bigdicks brave they were there. began to moan and move your hips, lick. After 5 minutes of the impressive rock was my hard cock in my pants. I got up and started doing my pants undone. ' which does notw ' he asked. I told him the young man's sperm clean, I fuck that shit and replace it with my sperm. I jumped at it and took a few strokes with my cock while I kissed her face with the mouth courageous. s soon as I came and filled my pussy with hot cum. was not spending, because they had spunk before about a week. I had the belt and his pants and he is cleaning it escape the house with my sperm in it. s bigdicks I said I had to send a text message every time he approaches the young man, or any other person in the morning, so they are immediately come to shit I can lick pussy brave to be fucked and then fill it with mine. the agreement we both bigdicks love and my wife knows nothing. this story is based on real events, with a bigdicks little imagination thrown in. I hope you enjoyed it.
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8 mai 2012 2 08 /05 /mai /2012 01:58

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